The Quebec Election understood.

Election 2018: What You Need to Know

The next general election, to be held on October 1st, will be the first elections in Quebec’s history to take place at a fixed date. Get a full primer on this fall’s election.

The good move (Week of September 20 to September 26):

The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec used the last party leader debate to recognize that he had made a mistake in speaking about immigration and that he had not spoken enough of the importance that he intends to accord to integration. This mea culpa contributed to slowing the fall of the CAQ in the polls.


Number of the week: The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Philippe Couillard, declared that a family made up of one parent and three children could do their weekly grocery shopping with $75, which generated many comments from his adversaries and the population, accusing him of being disconnected.

Days 38 & 39: September 29 & 30, 2018

The last poll of this electoral campaign, by Léger, predicted the election of a CAQ government. “If the tendency remains, the CAQ will form the government and it will probably be a minority government, but one must not dispel the idea that the government may also be a majority government,” declared the pollster Jean-Marc Léger.  The election of a Liberal minority government is still possible considering the “ballot box bonus” which traditionally favours the liberals. Over 39 campaign days, the party leaders and co-spokespeople of the four main parties travelled 44,120 km and participated in roughly 660 events. François Legault visited 64 ridings, Jean-François Lisée visited 58 ridings, Philippe Couillard visited 52 ridings, and Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois visited 43 ridings. On the eve of the election, the party leaders tried to convince the last voters who may still be undecided.  


While in Gaspésie for the last day of the campaign, Philippe Couillard criticized François Legault by affirming that Mr. Legault did not understand anything about immigration and that his party had completely forgotten to include measures for the elderly in their platform. After having abandoned wind power, Mr. Couillard proposed to relaunch this sector. He asked Quebecers to rally around him to defend farmers in the context of the NAFTA renewal. Mr. Couillard promised to study all legal recourses possible to “block” or delay the adoption of the new agreement if it cuts the supply management system. The leader of the QLP ended the day in Roberval, in his riding.



Jean-François Lisée and his deputy leader, Véronique Hivon, invited undecided voters to join them and invited supporters to get out the PQ vote. Mr. Lisée organized a press conference at his mother’s place of residence in Thetford Mines, where he said he was “at peace” with his campaign and believed he had done everything he could. Like the Liberal leader, Mr. Lisée denounced the dent that could be made in the supply management system.


François Legault promised, if elected, to do more for the elderly. He would ask his finance minister to see that there was “something for retirees” in his government’s budget. He indicated that an agreement on the renewal of NAFTA could take place in the next few hours after his transition team had spoken to the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He justified his lack of knowledge of the immigration system by the fact that he had never worked in Ottawa. Mr. Legault urged Quebecers to refuse “continuity” by using their right to vote on October 1st.


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois invited voters 18-34 years old to go to the ballot box on Monday. He also promised that if a minority government was elected in which Québec solidaire would hold a balance of power, the party would remain faithful to its values. Manon Massé called out to voters : “Try us, you have everything to gain.”

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A New Government in Quebec

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