Candidate Profiles – Vincent Marissal

Hill+Knowlton Strategies asked the four main political parties – Quebec Liberal Party, Parti Québécois, Coalition Avenir Québec and Québec solidaire – to submit H+K’s five-question questionnaire to one of their candidates, with the aim of discovering what motivated their decision to make the leap into active politics in 2018.

Throughout the campaign, we will present the profile of a candidate from each of the four main political parties. The fourth and last profile is of Vincent Marissal, candidate for Québec Solidaire.

Vincent Marissal
Candidate for Québec Solidaire in Rosemont
What motivates you to run as a candidate in this election?

First off, it is the call of public service that attracts me to politics. More than ever, Québec solidaire is the party that is concerned with its people, all of its people. Contributing to improving the lives of my neighbours, of families and of people living alone, of whom there are many in Rosemont, is also at the heart of my commitment. I am also very proud to be part of a party for whom change is not a slogan, but a motor that drives all of its political actions.

What are your three priorities?

Education, in particular fixing the problem of overpopulation in Rosemont primary schools; public transit and the economic transition; the isolation of an increasing number of our fellow citizens, of whom many are in a precarious financial situation. My priorities in Rosemont are intimately tied to the province-wide proposals put forward by Québec solidaire. We want public and free school and childcare services, from the CPE to the university. We also want to encourage public transit use by reducing the cost of fares by a half everywhere in Quebec. Lastly, Québec solidaire is recognized as the party that takes care of its people, particularly the elderly and disadvantaged households who struggle to adequately house and feed themselves.

How do you envision the work-family-personal-life balance as a member of the National Assembly?

Going into politics is a decision that affects the whole family. It is a team decision and I am the father of a household of 4 children, so before going forward I discussed with my wonderful wife and she decided to support me. Together we take care of our people and family is always the priority. We also have strong ties to our parents and with our friends, our neighbors, with whom we have created an informal help and support network. In addition, the work of an MNA is not limited to the confines of the National Assembly. Work in the riding is also important and since I live in my riding, I will be just around the corner.

What convinced you to run for this party?

For their values, of course, but also the people. People who want to make a difference, real people who are in politics for the right reasons. I know that for the Quebecois who are searching for something besides the old establishment parties’ recipes, Québec solidaire is the only real option.

What do you plan on doing to relax during the electoral campaign?

The same thing that I have done for a quarter of a century, almost daily: running. My anti-stress medication is a size 13 and is not at the pharmacy but at the store Courir! Time with family, with my family and with friends also helps me refocus on the “real issues”.