Day 36: September 27, 2018

Early voting was prolonged by two hours due to technical problems which occurred the night before. The source of the problem is internal and is not the result of an external attack on the computer system, according to the general director of elections of Quebec. These problems generated wait times up to 45 minutes for voters at certain areas.

Late afternoon, Philippe Couillard met with the outgoing MNA of Chomedey, Guy Ouellette, after a media source revealed that he had transmitted emails containing sensitive information on the QLP to the CAQ. The communications team of the QLP declared that the candidate assured him of his “full and complete” collaboration in the party’s reelection.


Jean-François Lisée intends to propose that French and Belgian students who attend universities in the regions pay the same tuition fees as Quebecers. The deputy leader Véronique Hivon reiterated that the PQ would create an instance dedicated to crimes involving sexual violence and would modify the law on the compensation of victims of criminal acts. Mr. Lisée implied that Ms. Hivon was not in agreement with his remarks against Manon Massé during the last party leader debate. He had to explain why he swore when speaking of Luc Blanchette, outgoing minister and candidate of the QLP in Rouyn-Noranda. Finally, Mr. Lisée held a caucus at the end of the day with all PQ candidates to explain his strategy and align the troops for the end of the campaign.


In the company of Ian Lafrenière, the candidate in Vachon, François Legault indicated that he would implement a Silver alert, inspired by the Silver alert in the United States used to locate the elderly suffering from cognitive impairment who have disappeared. He came back on his remarks of the previous evening when he agreed with a Rimouski resident who told her that the immigrants “who currently come here, they are effacing us”. Mr. Legault specified that he is not in agreement with the woman and that her comment was “too strong”. While visiting Prévost, a bus manufacturer, Mr. Legault was not able to indicate the number of jobs at $25 and over that he wishes to create during a future mandate and instead spoke of a more long-term plan.


Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois distributed food at a food bank in the neighbourhood of Limoilou in Quebec City. Ms. Massé and the candidate in Jean-Lesage riding, Sol Zanetti, met with the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, and discussed public transit with him. Regarding the lack of commitment by the CAQ in environment, Ms. Massé indicated that “Québec Solidaire is the only shield, the only one that has a clear plan and who knows where they are going in terms of the fight against climate change.” Finally, several former ministers and political staff members under René Lévesque wrote a letter openly criticizing the comparison made by Manon Massé between QS and the beginning of the PQ. The PQ has criticized QS for using Marxist tactics.