Day 37: September 28, 2018

According to IPSOS, François Legault’s party would have obtained 32% of votes if the election was held today. The PLQ follows not far behind with 31% of voter intentions. The PQ would have obtained 18% and the QS 16%. Elections Quebec published the results of early voting from September 21-27. 17.93% of voters on the electoral list voted early. In 2014, it was 19.27%.

While in Quebec City, Philippe Couillard defended the economic track record of his government over the past 4 years. He also indicated that it is thanks to the vigorous management of Quebec’s finances that the province is now in a good economic standing. When asked in the early morning if he would remain MNA of Roberval if he was no longer premier after the vote on October 1st, Mr. Couillard remained evasive and avoided the question. He declared and insisted that there was “no other scenario other than a victory for my party. I will win.” Mr. Couillard also admitted that he had placed money in “tax havens” when he worked in Saudi Arabia.


Unlike Philippe Couillard, Jean-François Lisée committed to remaining MNA of Rosemont if the PQ did not form the next government. Mr. Lisée also affirmed that a PQ government would erase the “environmental debt” of Quebec and that he would use the budget surplus to this end. This commitment consists of the implementation of a fund for the restoration of environmental heritage. Each ministerial decision would have to consider its impact on the environment.


François Legault returned to the question of immigration and indicated that he would send the bill to Ottawa for the public services for immigrants who did not pass the values test and would thus find themselves without papers, as is currently the case for migrants who arrive in Quebec by the Roxham path. Mr. Legault reiterated “that he would do everything he could to integrate new arrivals.” Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM), François Legault spoke in front of an audience of almost 400 people. He declared that under a CAQ government, “cronyism would be a thing of the past.” Questioned regarding the possible decrease in taxes, Mr. Legault evoked the possibility of doing so with the savings from medical specialists.


“If you want swag, vote QS,” declared Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. While in Quebec City, Manon Massé declared that “René Lévesque belongs to all Quebecers.” While François Legault believes that Quebec City will be swept by a CAQ surge, the QS candidate in Taschereau declared that “Québec Solidaire is the only one who can act as a rampart against a complete CAQ surge in Quebec City.”