Trends in voting intentions

With a only a few days to go up to election day on October 1st, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) and the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) are neck and neck, as Both are Favored by 30 per percent of voters. Since the beginning of the election campaign, the party of Francois Legault, who had a comfortable head start in voting intentions, has dropped. For their part, Philippe Couillard and his team earned a few points. While the fall of the CAQ has been slowed down by Mr. Legault or Mr. Couillard seems to take shape.

The Parti Québécois (PQ) is far behind, in third place, with about 20 per cent of the voting intentions. Constantly growing with support exceeding 15 per cent, Quebec Solidarity (QS) is closing the door.

Such results suggest a tight fight in several constituencies next Monday. According to the latest projections, the probability of PLQ and CAQ is 1.8 per cent.

In the light of these results, the public dynamics in the Quebec national assembly will be changed.